Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Quick Skin Fix

My skin isn't particularly bad and it never really has been, but I do get blemishes now and again obviously (who has perfect skin?!). But who wants to even leave their house (or bedroom) when they have less than wonderful skin? I know I don't.

Garnier PureActive "2in1 Anti-Spots Roll-On" is honestly my saviour in times like those (now I have that song stuck in my head).

It applies like concealer and basically dries out the imperfection and it goes away within 12 hours. So if you apply it at night, it'll be gone by the morning :) It looks like concealer too, so you can use this as both a concealer and a spot remover (i.e. the name of the product... bet you all got that without me telling you too...). 

If this strikes your fancy, here it is. :) 

Hope you're all swell!
xo WishignsofaPrincess

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