Sunday, March 30, 2014

Witchery Lipglosses

Now honestly I love a good lipgloss and Witchery is possibly my favourite shop, so when my favourite shop makes a lipgloss, well, it's really just perfection isn't it?

Probably about 4 times a year Witchery comes out with a new range of lip products which include the "Lip Gloss Wands". The lip gloss wands won my heart a couple of years back and they still have it. Currently I have two of the afore mentioned products, one called "flame" which is a gorgeous orange colour and another which goes by the name "mulberry" and is a sparkly-purply-browny colour. The application of flame is sheer and doesn't necessarily lend itself to be built up whereas mulberry gives a lot more colour in the first coat and can be built on more. They aren't extremely long-lasting, especially if you are eating or drinking, however they are perfect for over lipstick as they are thin in consistency and give a real shine to the lips. They also aren't at all sticky which is marvellous :D

If these lip glosses do take your fancy, you can find them here. However, they will be in different colours because they change their stock so regularly - it keeps it interesting right!? (But it depresses me because I love these colours and what happens when I run out!?). 

Stay Wonderful, 
xo WishingsofaPrincess