Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to scent your PJs 101

Soap and Glory have some bloody amazing offerings (unfortunately we only have so many in our shops in Australia)! I bought Flake Away around four months ago and I am nearly finished with it now so I thought i'd tell you all about it. 

Can I just say how GOOD this smells!?!? Honestly, it smells like a perfume and it lingers!!! If you use this scrub at night and then put on your pj's, not only will your skin smell of it, but so will you pj's - for the next three days!!!! (I seriously recommend this - who wouldn't want to smell gorgeous for ages!?).

The scrub itself isn't sticky, it's more of a runny consistency, and it has lots of scrub bead type thingies in it that you massage into your skin and once they are gone you are finished exfoliating - clever aye!? As for whether this scrub actually works well as an exfoliator, the jury is still out. I would buy this again, purely for the smell, but I do think other exfoliators I have used have worked better - but in saying that, this doesn't do a bad job!

If you want to check this out (even if purely for the smell), click here!

xo WishingsofaPrincess

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sweetest Perfume Ever

I love perfume to bits and I have so many different scents (I almost said flavours, but that wouldn't be right hey?). I feel like everyone has a particular scent and yet I don't as of yet... and i'm not sure I want to? Because I am having way too much fun trying out all the different ones that take my fancy than to stick with just ONE. Eventually I'm sure i'll settle down, but for now it's the massive perfume pond for me! :D

The perfume in particular I want to tell (more like gush) you about today is that of MOR Lychee Flower.

When I first smelt this Eau de Toilette it was like love at first sight I swear. It smells like all things spring and summer and sweet. The packaging is to die for don't you think? A tassel and everything! It lasts all day with just two squirts!

MOR are truly masters at creating splendid scents. If you want to check this out, click here. 

xo WishingsofaPrincess 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Quick Skin Fix

My skin isn't particularly bad and it never really has been, but I do get blemishes now and again obviously (who has perfect skin?!). But who wants to even leave their house (or bedroom) when they have less than wonderful skin? I know I don't.

Garnier PureActive "2in1 Anti-Spots Roll-On" is honestly my saviour in times like those (now I have that song stuck in my head).

It applies like concealer and basically dries out the imperfection and it goes away within 12 hours. So if you apply it at night, it'll be gone by the morning :) It looks like concealer too, so you can use this as both a concealer and a spot remover (i.e. the name of the product... bet you all got that without me telling you too...). 

If this strikes your fancy, here it is. :) 

Hope you're all swell!
xo WishignsofaPrincess

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Apocalips by Rimmel

The bold lip. Honestly? It scares me a little, especially if it is in a shade other than coral or pink (this is only on me of course, I love it on others).

Rimmel has come up with a definite bold lip product, but it's not a lipstick, it's a combination of a lip gloss and a lipstick. Apocalips have a runny texture like a lip gloss but they stay on like a lipstick. This product is super long wear, it is simple to apply with the applicator and they give a gorgeous glossy finish.

I currently own two of the Apocalips:

Stellar which is a pink/coral/red gloss and it is really really bright and vibrant - the definition of a bold lip I say.

Celestial which is almost a mauve colour - it is wonderful for subdued looks, maybe during the winter with a grey jumper on (just an idea obviously). It is bold and yet subtle at the same time, perfect if you are a little taken aback by how strong these apply first go.

The great thing about these (apart from the staying power and the glossy-ness) is that they can be a way to ease yourself into a bold lip, rather than going straight for a matte red lipstick. If these have taken your fancy, you can find them here.

xo WishingsofaPrincess.