Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to scent your PJs 101

Soap and Glory have some bloody amazing offerings (unfortunately we only have so many in our shops in Australia)! I bought Flake Away around four months ago and I am nearly finished with it now so I thought i'd tell you all about it. 

Can I just say how GOOD this smells!?!? Honestly, it smells like a perfume and it lingers!!! If you use this scrub at night and then put on your pj's, not only will your skin smell of it, but so will you pj's - for the next three days!!!! (I seriously recommend this - who wouldn't want to smell gorgeous for ages!?).

The scrub itself isn't sticky, it's more of a runny consistency, and it has lots of scrub bead type thingies in it that you massage into your skin and once they are gone you are finished exfoliating - clever aye!? As for whether this scrub actually works well as an exfoliator, the jury is still out. I would buy this again, purely for the smell, but I do think other exfoliators I have used have worked better - but in saying that, this doesn't do a bad job!

If you want to check this out (even if purely for the smell), click here!

xo WishingsofaPrincess

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