Monday, July 21, 2014

Mini Body Washes

I've always loved The Body Shop and their mini body washes are delightful. They lather up really well, the smell payoff is beyond this world and lingers for ages (especially the Moringa one). They have such bright and brilliant colours that look marvellous on any shelf and jazz up your bathroom a little bit. The three I have are the Japanese Cherry Blossom, Strawberry and Moringa ones - they are all fantastic (as you can see i've used a lot of them) and I would really recommend them. While you can get them in larger sizes, to be honest i'd get these smaller ones first because you can try them out and see which you like the best, all at a lower price. 


Monday, July 14, 2014

Gloss in Love

Lancome has relatively new lipgloss range out at the moment called "Gloss in Love" and I'm lucky enough to have a box set of four different colours out of the range. This box includes "Violette Paillette", "Pink Carat", "Glitter Mania" and "Under the Spotlight" which are honestly all delicious colours. Normally I would say that anything coral toned is my favourite, but surprisingly out of these four my favourite is Violette Paillette. It is such a gorgeous colour when put on the lips, not too red or pink - it's just right. The formula for these lipglosses is just right too, not sticky, it glides on the lips easily and stays put for around three-four hours. If you aren't too fussed with putting on lipstick, then these are a good substitution as they give the right amount of colour to the lips without being too drying. They would also work well over a lipstick to give it some sparkle, especially Glitter Mania which has less colour payoff than the rest but glitters the most just like the title promises. The dufour applicator of these is unique as it is moulded to shape around your lip, therefore making application easier - especially in the car. The other great thing about this particular box set, not just the lipglosses themselves, is that you get to try out several at once which I love. Also, Emma Watson was the face of this campaign so... why not try it out right? You can't go wrong.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Mint Candy Apple

Essie's Mint Candy Apple is to die for. Seriously, I didn't understand what all the hype was about, but in the end I gave in and bought it... and fell in love. It is the colour of bliss, the colour of the ocean/pool and has me starring at my nails as I type. It doesn't chip for a good 4 days, has a beyond brilliant colour payoff, is really easy to apply and only needs 2 coats. I also believe it suits any season - it's the perfect nail polish. Honestly, do yourself a favour and pick it up... and take loads of selfies - in the pool (like I did, proof is above).